CICAD in action

Working in four directions toward a single goal: combating all forms of anti-Semitism


To prevent, advise and take action....

  • Assisting and advising victims of anti-Semitic acts
  • Systematic recording of anti-Semitic acts in French-speaking Switzerland
  • Organizing events with the media and public institutions
  • Preventing anti-Semitism through the dissemination of information
  • Publication of a widely distributed annual report on anti-Semitic acts
  • Monitoring the application of the racial discrimination act (Swiss Criminal Code, Article 261bis)


Perpetuating the memory  of the Shoah...

  • Awareness-building for pupils, students and teachers
  • Combating negationism and the tendency to minimiz
  • Annual study-trip to the Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp
  • Conferences and survivors bearing witness in schools
  • Producing and disseminating educational tools for both teachers and pupils


Dialog and education...

  • Collaboration and contacts on a regular basis with political and opinion leaders as well as teachers
  • Active participation in inter-religious dialog
  • Educating and increasing the awareness of younger generations regarding anti-Semitism and the Shoah
  • Organization of events and conferences in schools
  • Documents for a wide audience


Defending the image of Israel  whenever it is denigrated....

  • Defending Israel’s right to exist
  • Combating anti-Semitism masquerading as criticism of Israel
  • Reacting to out-of-line remarks untruths regarding news about the Middle East

Report an act

You are a victim or witness of an anti-Semitic act ? You have found anti-Semitic content in the media or on internet ? Fill out the from by clicking the button below.
Throughout the years, CICAD has identified anti-Semitic acts committed in Switzerland. The company works with victims, advises and supports them in their efforts.

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